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Брендинг для Matte.Red.

Кто такие Matte.Red.

Matte.Red. is a consumer brand that creates a wide range of products (from lipsticks to clothing) for people who simply love the red color.


Professional Services


Saint-Petersburg, Russia



Что мы сделали

Цель проекта

To create a simple, modern, bold and flexible brand identity that can be used on all mediums – from social media through clothing to cosmetics.


We’ve created a stylish and memorable brand identity that looks modern and fresh.

Now Matte.Red. attracts and communicates with its customers, conveys value & trust, and builds a consistent brand image.

The brand guidelines reduce design efforts and make sure the branding is used consistently across all mediums – from social media through clothing to cosmetics.

Наш фокус

  • Brand Strategy
  • Positioning
  • Competitive Research
  • Brand Identity Design
  • Stationary Design

Ключевые особенности сайта

Key e-commerce features

Customer feedback

Creative minds, non-trivial solutions and generous assistance

Huge round of applause to Gazizoff Digital for their creative minds, non-trivial solutions and generous assistance. Bulat and his team helped me to develop my brand to the highest possible level. Moreover, it was the most pleasurable and easy-going work! If you are looking for great service to help you with any marketing problems, I highly recommend Gazizoff Digital. You won’t be disappointed.

Denis L.
MatteRed Inc.

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