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Cайт находится в стадии активной разработки.

Брендинг для Mérla Baby

Кто такие Merla Baby

Merla Baby is an online baby store that curates, tests and sells high quality baby products. From clothes and toys to feeding, health and safety they help children develop faster and make their parents’ lives easier.


Children, Ecommerce


Toronto, ON


Что мы сделали

Цель проекта

To redesign the logo and create a modern, bright brand identity that stands out from the competition, conveys value and trust.


We’ve created an energetic, flexible and minimalistic brand identity.

It’s easy to recognize, evokes positive emotions, conveys trust and value, improves market presence, and strongly differentiates from the competition.

The brand guidelines reduce design efforts and make sure the branding is used consistently across all mediums – from website and social media to packaging and print design.

Наш фокус

  • Digital + Brand Strategy
  • Positioning
  • Social Media Design
  • Logo Design
  • Collateral Design
  • Identity Design
  • Design Guides + Systems
  • Ui Kit Design + Guides

Ключевые особенности сайта

Key e-commerce features

Customer feedback


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